Celia Peterson

I’m a Shooting Producer/Director and Photographer.

I’m equally comfortable across film and photography, and work for a wide variety of clients for both broadcast and commercial output. I lived and worked around the Middle East for 15 years before returning to London in 2020. My passion is to make moving human stories behind the headlines.

I am HEFAT-trained and have worked in sensitive and hostile situations including with children. I shoot with my FX9 and primes either solo or directing multi-camera crews, drone sequences,  and working with presenters both amateur and professional. I also edit with Premiere and FCPx.

Clients include the BBC 1, BBC Arabic, Channel 4, Vice, Discovery, Channel 5, Viacom, The Guardian, NYT, Porsche, Nokia, HSBC, Unicef and Save the Children.

London: +44 7956 280541


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